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Philly Police Officers Lead...

Interview Conducted: October 11, 2016
News Segment: "Philly Police Officers Lead Ghost Hunting In Old City" [External Link]
By: John McDevitt of KYW Newsradio [Phone] [Email] | CBS 3 Philly News
Location: Fort Mifflin
Address: 1 Fort Mifflin Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Interview Time: 12:30pm (EST)
Originial News Segment Airtime: 5:50pm(EST) time slot

Olde City Paranormal headed to Fort Mifflin with John McDevitt of KYW Newsradio and CBS 3 Philly News for a Halloween Segment on October 11, 2016. CBS News later aired John McDevitt's interview with Olde City Paranormal's founder John Levy and Glenn Orwan III on their 5:00pm (EST) news program at their 5:50pm (EST) time slot. You can view the news clip directly below or by clicking this [External Link], like above, which will take you to the same video on CBS 3 Philly News' website.

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